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NONAME30.04.2013 21:13
Когда уже ,наконец , нормально будут работать цифровые каналы ?
NONAME15.05.2016 09:03
Yes, I agree the price markup on Apple products is ridiculous, but the Galaxy Tab is almost just as expensive as an iPad, so I’m still waiting for the Notion Ink Adam or Motorola Xoom. I’m even compnntlatieg getting a Nook Colour imported (UK) if the guys on XDA Developers get Honeycomb working on it well. [url=]rentahnmn[/url] [link=]pdpadwasjpt[/link]
NONAME15.05.2016 16:32
yay happy 3 month annvyersari! I too am glad you found your blog niche. Sometimes it’s not about finding one specific topic, but about everything that inspires you and your blog is a perfect example. Congrats on the award, and thank you so much for the re-award, I appreciate it!xo
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